It is time to Refeel Good!

Pedro and Luz (from Portugal and Paraguay), wanted to change the world, but didn’t know how to. Inspired by the deposit schemes cross Latin America, the good features of (recycled) plastics and a vision to create a more equal society, they came up with the idea of Refeel Good.

Refeel Good

Refeel Good is a delivery system, through which you can order your favorite laundry and cleaning products, using our app or website. Our team will deliver them at your door, in our reusable packaging, made from 100% recycled plastic. Next time you order, we will bring the new product and bring back your empty plastic containers (from previous orders). We will clean them, refill them, and deliver them again. And so, the cycle begins.


And good news! It won’t be more expensive; there will be no deposit; and it will be more convenient to you! All that while promoting a sustainable use of plastics – by avoiding plastics overconsumption and pollution – and strengthening local communities – by sharing part of our profits to empower these communities and including in our team those who usually fight more to find a job.